Mar 14 2013

Episode #53 – Craggnarok 2013 and Phil’s in Love?

Craggnarok 2013 or Phil’s in Love?minilogo

Hello friends, This week Mark and I have made it to Craggnarok where we hold a GM round table with Phil, The Illusionist Cannible Gnome, and Jedi Game Master Garrett Crowe. They also hang out with us for the whole show and Phil comes to a startling realization at the Geekery.

0:46 – Introductions and News

Phil Vecchione of The Gnome Stew
Garrett Crowe of Threat Detected
A question from the audience.
Games to introduce people to RPGs
Wicked Fantasy Update: Dungeon World is in.
Torment: Tides of Numenera – 900k in less than 6 hours.
Auchtung Chuthulu
Interface Zero 2.0

18:35 – The Extradimentional Entertainment Emporium

League of Legends
D&D Encounters 5th Edition style
Dungeon World
Ticket to Ride on IOS
Garretts running 4e D&D for his nephews
Dresden Files
Gaming Retirement home

25:42 – The GM Round Table

Phil on Prep
Chris on Failing
Garrett on using prewritten material to create campaigns
Mark on running convention games

71:00 – The Geekery

Garrett loves the hash browns
Phil loves the Waitress I hate: Vera.

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