Mar 07 2013

Episode #52 – Year Two Begins

052 – Year Two Beginsminilogo

Hello friends, Chris here and I’d just like to say welcome to year two. Mark and I are on the road this week on our way to CRAGGNAROK and we’re adjusting to this new life style. Hope you enjoy the conversations we have this week.

1:32 – On The Road

  • The Gameroom was saved
  • On the Way to CRAGGNAROK
  • Giant Fandom Pandemic
  • Edge of the Empire by Garrett Crowe
  • Savage All For One
  • Armcannon Live
  • Super Smash and Brawl Tournaments
  • GM Round Table at noon with Phil Vecchione and Garrett Crowe.
  • Charity Raffle.
  • PAX East – Marks on the PAX Train
  • Wicked Fantasy Update – Savage Worlds Stretch goal has been hit and not on the podcast but the Dungeon World Stretch goal was hit.
  • GM Day was March 4th but sales continue until March 12th. Drive Thru RPG.
  • Read an RPG Book in Public Week.
  • Contact us with questions. (Insert contact info here.) Chris@misdirectedmark.com

10:15 – The Extradimentional Entertainment Emporium

  • Mr. Pants is still here
  • Deadlands and prairie Ticks
  • League of Legends
  • I got a Galaxy S3 so games on the Phone
  • Dominion
  • Underground with the creepiest love scene ever.
  • The mechanics of choice.
  • Artemis

21:31 – Around the Campfire

  • The setting – Ways to bring some life to your settings.
  • Integrated Mechanics
  • Scenery
  • Language

35:02 – The Geekery

  • They started a chain.
  • The waitress is still here!?
  • The Harlem Shake
  • No tip for the Waitress
  • We don’t have enough Mics to keep dropping them anymore.

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