Feb 13 2013

Episode #49 – Goblin Assassins

Goblin assassins

Hello Friends. Chris here and I just wanted to say thank you to all the people who jumped to help me when my computer did it’s impersonation of dying. A special thanks goes out to Tim Jones and Karol Szymczuk who are directly responsible for this episode being out on time. Sorry for a bit of sound quality snafu but I hope you enjoy.

1:00 Watercooler

One Year anniversary of the Podcast coming up
Marks going to PAX on the PAX Train and running a ton of D&D
Running GAGG
Craggnarok is March 9th
Queen City Conquest – Events are up and submitting events is live.

8:07 Gameroom

Where are the Halflings
Savage World
Steal from everywhere
D&D Megascorcher
League of Legends Tier System
Realms of Cuthulu

22:13 Workshop

Underground is not a contest and The point of a Role Playing Game.

42:14 Geekery

The Pope is stepping down and a Skulduggery setting exists called Black Smoke. 6 Cardinals enter and one leave.
Old Doctor Who
Leverage Season 3

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  1. Mac19pm

    Hey guys… just saying i think someones trying to get you… just got this weird feeling so watch out 😛


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