Feb 07 2013

Episode #48 – Ashes of Teos

Ashes of Teos

Hello Friends. This week we have Teos Abadia who is an upcoming frelancer for WotC and one of the prime movers behind the Ashes of Athas Organized Play Campaign so settle in and enjoy an excellent conversation.

1:12 Watercooler – Longest Watercooler to date

Who is Teos
Ashes of Athas Living Campaign
Organized Play discussion
The Ashes of Athas Battle Interactive
Convention Talk

36:48 Gameroom

Winter Fantasy – Shawn and Chris’s Mod
Pathfinder Special – Beneath the Bone Keep
Sirai LARP
Tecmo Superbowl
League of Legends
Super Mario Bros
Star Wars Edge of the Empire
Elder Sign

1:04:02 Workshop

Week 3 of Advice from the Underground – All Players are Created Equal.

1:16:49 Geekery

Teos and the Flumphs
Winter Fantasy Swag
Tag for 23 year


2 pings

  1. Chris Sniezak

    Well, if it’s any indication from the discussion I’m planning on it and so is Mark. Thanks again for being with us and sharing your knowledge of Athas and Organized Play.

  2. Alphastream

    Thanks so much for having me on and putting up with my ability to speak endlessly! I really dig the different sections of this podcast, and especially the way you two work as hosts. It is an honor to be a part of it and I hope you’ll have me back!

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