Jan 24 2013

Episode #46 – Control Your Game and Mark’s Announcement

Control Your Game

Hello friends, this week on The Mark we talk about starting up, narrative dice, controlling your table, and Mark has an announcement. Things are heating up like a bun in the oven around The Mark.


Mark Baby Watch
Convention Chat

QCC update
Running GAGG – Feb 8-10
Merwin is a guest at Running GAGG
Winter Fantasy
Barbarian coming out soon for D&D Next
Pax East
Craggnarok charity gaming event.

Fate Core Kickstarter

Gameroom (I think it’s still a Game Room)

Megascorcher D&D prep and NPC’s talk in D&D Next
League of Legends
Facebook Games no one cares about
Writing game related fiction
StarWars: Edge of the Empire – Narrative Dice
The FFSW Dice App
The Edge of the Empire book has been announced
Starting Savage Worlds


Taking Control of the Game


King of the Geeks
Les Miserables
JoCo Glee scandal

1 comment

  1. Alex Swingle

    As always, I will PM any potential bits because I’m fairly certain blindsiding any host can be entertaining. Plus it is ‘yes,and’-ing at it’s finest.

    In regards to control, I second it is an illusion of control. Although I do not endorse the mutiny analogy, it makes sense if everyone else dismisses the GM during play (which is highly unlikely). In terms of reality, I can easily bully the GM to do a lot of things if I play outside the game, removing the GM’s control from whatever system we were adhering to. Refusing judgements and interrupting are examples of bullying to address the problem indirectly. The only real repercussion available is social pressure and fear of being ostracized because the conflict isn’t about the game anymore. It is about being rejected in a game of make-believe for usually illogical reasons, like ‘because I’m GM and I said so’.

    That to me is the true problem with pretending anybody has control over anyone in a non-threatening manner. They simply don’t have control and typically use threats to perceive they have control. And like with talking to authority, they are implied threats since most people don’t ask what will happen if they don’t follow the person’s command.. It is important to remember it is not the GM’s job to control, only facilitate the players’ actions.

    BTW, this also ties into rearing children, so way to keep it topical guys! (I’m referring to the three methods of parent/child guiding. These are not the correct terms, but it is No Guidance, Logic-Based Guidance, Complete Control Guidance.)

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