Jan 17 2013

Episode #45 – Intelligent Monsters and Situations within the Fight

045 – Intelligent Monsters and Situations within the Fighting

Hello Friends. This week on The Mark we talk about a bunch of stuff ranging from conventions, esports, and succubus TV shows to how to handle intellegent adversaries and having things happen during your fights to make them more than just fights. Also Shawn Merwin stops by to contribute wisdom to the discussion from the writers side of things.

1:03 – Watercooler

Mark Baby Watch
Transmissions from the 9th World
Mark Bashes Monte Cook
Winter Fantasy
Running GAGG
Convention Talk

11:16 – Gameroom

Arkham Horror
Playtesting D&D Next
League of Legends
Megascorcher D&D
ESports Tangent
Shawn Joins us
7 Wonders
Elder Sign digital App game

21:15 – Workshop

Challenges in writing and running new games and play testing.
Dealing with Intelligent adversaries and creating more interesting scenes.

55:12 – Geekery

Lost Girl
Queen City Conquest
Colasal Cave Adventure
Armcannon 3, Leg Vaccum II

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