Jan 09 2013

Episode #44 – Save the Passion

Save the Passion

This week on the Mark we try to drum up some passion for your games. Hope you enjoy.

Show Notes

1:08 – Watercooler

Baby Watch – It’s a maybe
Roll for Initative
QCC Registration for 2013 is live

7:27 – Gameroom

Marks Game of the Year and Moment of the Year
Artimis Battle Star Galactica Mod
Strike Fleet Omega
League of Legends
Lords of Waterdeep

14:23 – Workshop

Horseback Riding
Player Passion

32:50 – The OK Geek-o-rall

Doctor Who Christmas Special
Marshall Law
Vampire Hunter D
Cowboy Bebop
D&D playtesting at Baldy Hall


  1. Alex Swingle

    The thought of Mark’s grin and him trying to have a child causes me to shiver in disgust. The beard….my god, the beard.

    1. Mark

      Alex, your revulsion fills me with glee.

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