Jan 03 2013

Episode #43 – The Misdirected Mark Tangent Twins New Years Eve Drunk Cast With Company


Happy New Year Folks. This week we get rambly and Tangenty as we chat about a bunch of different stuff on New Years Eve.

Show Notes

Smokey the Cat
Star Wars LCG
Nate Arrives
Tangent: Duck Tales comics did Inception before Inception and has far ranging influence
Back to Telestrations
Tangent: Mike Willard arrives
Return to Telestrations
5/10ths of Armcannon arrives
The Phone goes off.
The Walking Dead Video Game
Shushing Mooch
Game of the Year
X-Com Enemy Unknown
Tangent: Street Fighter the Movie
Dave covers his ass
Tangent: Armcannon CD Plug
Back to X-Com
What Genre is X-Com and what are their cousins?
Danimal Cannon – Chip tune writer extraordinaire.
Halo 4 – Spartan Ops
Best Moment of 2012

1 comment

  1. Alex Swingle

    This is a special episode for many reasons. My favorite of all of them is the fact that Mark was Misdirected and went into the future. After that, it’s mainly due to the level of tangents. The Tangent density was so intense, even Chris had to alert the Twins were going too far. Great stuff.

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