Mar 28 2012

Episode #4 – The Where of it all

004 – The Where of it all

We’re on ITunes – 1:35

Marvel RPG – 2:12

Adventure and Encounter design: Environments – 8:25

Creating enviornment, interacting with the environment, and Player Agency- 12:20

Traps as environmental hazards – 17:40

Environments that change – 19:45

Level system rant tangent – 25:31

Podcast Wrap up – 27:01

Final thoughts – 32:48


Marvel RPG
Walking Eye
Civil War
Age of Apocalypse
Lady Blackbird
Dresden Files RPG
The Nerdherders Podcast
The D6 Generation
Queen City Conquest
In Spaaaaace by Greg Stoltz
 Penny Arcade
Indiana Jones bridge Scene

1 comment

  1. Bill Keane

    Nice job Guys, Your comfort level is growing

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