Nov 22 2012

Episode #37 – Lucky

037 – Lucky

Hey Folks. Chris here from the MMP and this week we’re chatting about Tremulus, Luck, and D&D Next amidst a bevy of other little things. Hope you enjoy the episode.

Timer Notes

1:14 – The Watercooler

D20 Radio Network
ITunes Reviews Please
RPG Crosstalk
RPG Podcasts
Save or Die Podcast – D20 Radio Network Show
Save or Die on D&D Next?
Dice Rings Kickstarter
Ingress https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nianticproject.ingress

8:30 – Gameroom

D&D Encounters
Artimis in person
Megascorcher and Actual play D&D Next
Tremulus Talk
The Mom’s Basement Podcast and Alex Swingle
Google Hangout
Reality Blurs
Sean Preston
Dungeon World on the way for Google hangout play

27:40 – The Workshop – Time for a little luck talk

Dice Torture and superstitions
Another character vs Player discussion
How do we mechanize Luck as a mechanic?
And now I contradict everything we just said about not being able to figure it out.

49:30 – The Geekery

Talking about D&D Next.
Why isn’t success with a complication in the game.
The rant is not over.
@misdirectedmark on twitter.

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