Oct 31 2012

Episode #34 – Cheap Ass James

034 – Cheap Ass James

“Cheap Ass Games Prints games in the Margins of other Games” was the quote of the night by James Ernest and it pretty much sums up the philosophy of his company too. For you fans of CAG or those game designers who want to see how you can run a game company by yourself these days take a listen. Also poker players might be interested. Oh yeah. Sorry about the front bumper this week. We ran out of money and couldn’t afford it. I also had to rent Marks good mic so he had the bad one.

Timer Notes

0:33 – Watercooler
Stupid Phone
MiniCon – Nov 3rd
Tremulus is Full for the 13th of November
Buffalo Spree on the QCC

5:45 – Gameroom
Chris is in a gaming slump and writing a ton
Mark is playing lots of games
Ultimate Werewolf
Planetside 2 beginners video

11:23 – The Lounge
Cheap Ass Philosophy
Hobby Board Games
Fish Cook
Poker Chat
Frankenstine Poker Variant
Pitch – The prime ethic of James Ernest’s game design
The Totally Renamed Spy Game
Redesigning games
Falling and a series of back pocket games
Looney Labs
Lord of the Fries and the Brawl Printing Bid Mistake
Kill Doctor Lucky and Paizo
Button Men
Cheapass.com not Cheapassgames.com

44:44 – Geekery
National Novel Writing Month
National Game Design Month


Saturday Night Poker
Arts Cow

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