Oct 18 2012

Episode #32 – All about the Drama

032 – All about the Drama

Hello my fellow gamers. This week we chat about a variety of things including dramatic characters and situations and some ideas to get more of this type of play in your games. Also we had our first contest at the mark and I’d like to congratulate our winner Bryan McGowan who’s guess of 23:00 was the closest to when my phone went off.

Timer Notes

0:41 Watercooler

Epic Glass clinking
BGS meet up 200
Mini Con
Con on the Cob

6:56 The Gameroom

Mr. Pant’s don’t scare the horses
D&D Encounters
Teaching D&D
Infinite possibilities, myth or legend?
Creativity in players and gaming.
John Wicks Play dirty
New Encounters Season by Shawn Merwin, The War of Everlasting Darkness
Artemis across the world
Puerto Rico, How do I describe this?
Dungeon World
Tecmo Super Bowl

21:23 The Workshop

Horseback riding and Sky diving
Dramatic characters and idea’s in traditional games
Contest Winner 29:01 – Bryan McGowan with a guess of 23:00 was the closest
Drama System
Hacking the game
Experience point discussion
Expectations at the table

56:56 Geekery

Oogie Games 1, Shoplifters 0
Firefly animated series?
Misdirected Mark T-Shirt
Hillfolk Kickstarter
Dramatic Groundhog

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