Oct 04 2012

Episode #30 – All about the Benny

030 – All about the Benny

Hi folks. Mark and I are back again and this week we chat a little about Descent 2, football, Segway’s (mines pink), and I have an interesting chat with Mr. WNY Savage Worlds himself,Tim Hannon about the benny, savage worlds, books GM’s and players should pick up to help with their games, and toys. Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment. Oh yeah. We still have a contest going on. Leave your name and a timer number and whoever is closest to when my phone goes off on the show which drops on the 18th win’s an engine powered PDF pack.

A little snaffu. Something got messed up with the audio during the geekery and some of my files were compromised so there is unfortunately no geekery this week. Sorry folks.

Timer Notes

0:38 – Watercooler
QCC Post mortem meeting

4:26 – The Gameroom

14:20 – The Workshop
Bennies, Books, Systems or Tool box, and Toys


Ken Hite
Rich Berlew
Order of the Stick
Queen City Conquest
Descent: Journey’s in the Dark 2nd Edition
Tecmo Super Bowl
Rhythm Heaven Fever
Rising: LASH
Realms of Cthulhu
The Nerdherders
Ken and Robin Talk about Stuff
Night’s Black Agents
Drama System
Trail of Cthuhlu
Pinnacle Entertainment
Robins Laws of Good Gamemastering
Never Unprepared
David Allens Getting Things Done
Wild Card Creator
Hero Lab
Savagegmtim@gmail.com – Mr WNY Savage Worlds email address

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