Sep 27 2012

Episode #29 – QCC Wrap up and Tracy Hurley (AKA Sarah Darkmagic)

029 – QCC Wrap up and Tracy Hurley

This week we talk about the Queen City Conquest, the convention Mark and I put together this year and some of the good stuff that happened in it. Also included is the conversation I had with Tracy Hurley (AKA Sarah Darkmagic) about diversity in gaming and how she feels on the subject. Hope you enjoy and Mark has a MoPed I think we should all be afraid.

Timer Notes

0:46 – The Watercooler

7:08 – The Gameroom

26:16 – The Geekery

34:28 – Tracy Hurley (AKA Sarah Darkmagic)


Queen City Conquest
Engine Publishing
Dungeon World
Mini Con
D&D Next
We Be Goblins
Descent 2nd edition
Changeling the Lost
The Prismatic Art Project
Treasure of Tarman
Beasts of the Southern Wild

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