Sep 05 2012

Episode #26 – Tangent Twins II

026 – Tangent Twins 2

Hey folks. Chris here. This week we have the tangent twins but unfortunately I lost the first 20ish minutes of the episode. We pick up in the middle of some Dagohir foam combat chat.

Show Notes
Dagorhir Chat
SCA (Society of Creative Anachronism)
Cheese Tangent
Friends Tangent
Sword and sorcery Savage Worlds
Clay Mathews Tangent
Fan girl conversation
Torrent Tangent
Arm Cannon Tangent
Comic Book Tangent
Back to Fan girl conversation
Indiana Jones Tangent
Angry Birds Tangent
Dungeon Raid Tangent

Korean Drama’s
One Piece
Pokemon Tangent
Jurassic Bark Tangent
Kid Robot Tangent
Engagement Tangent
Avengers 2 and The Marvel TV Show based on Shield
T-Shirt Cannon Tangent
Danimal Canon
Why is Chris’s cat at the restaurant Tangent
Those Who Fight Tangent

Mic Drop

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