Aug 30 2012

Episode #25 – Adventure Design with Shawn and Phil

025 – Adventure design with Shawn and Phil

Hi folks. This week we have friends of the show Shawn Merwin and Phil Vecchione to have a chat about adventure design; the state of it today, what it means for GM’s and writers, and how we can slot adventures into our existing campaigns or crib from them. Just wanted to say thanks to Phil and Shawn for coming out and having this discussion with us.

This episode also brings forth our first contest at Misdirected Mark. My phone goes off in about every show so Shawn felt it was a good idea to make a game out of it. For the next show, which will drop on September 6th, whoever drops a comment either here or on the facebook group page with a time signature, (ex: 59:03 for fifty-nine minutes and three seconds) and is closest to the first time my phone goes off during the September 6th episode will win PDF copies of all three of engine publishing’s books. Those are Masks, Eureka, and Never Unprepared. It’s a value of $39.95. As a bonus if we get 100 likes on the Misdirected Mark Page or a 100 members in the group then I’ll throw out my phone number to the group so they can bombard me with text messages trying to influence the contest, not that anyone knows when we record.

Show Notes

0:38 – The Watercooler

4:55 – The Gameroom (We played lots of games post GenCon. Chris loves Lords of Waterdeep.)

15:56 – The Workshop (Mark Sings and Adventure Design)

59:10 – The Geekery


Reaper Miniatures Bones, Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, D&D Encounters,

Gnome Stew, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Tsuro, Dungeon Command

Engine Publishing, Nile DeLuxor, Lords of Waterdeep, Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer

Star Wars RPG, Paizo Adventure Paths, Living Forgotten Realms, Temple of Elemental Evil

The Haunting of Harrowstone, The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh, Kingmaker Adventure Path

Eureka, Masks, Moonshae Isles, Expedition to the Barrier Peaks, Savage Worlds,

Savage Worlds One Sheets, Dresden Files RPG, Fiasco, John Wick, Dread, Durance, The Spark

Robin’s Laws of Good Game Mastering, D&D Next, Jared Sorensen, The Forge, All for One

Wireframes and Skins article, Never Unprepared, Studio 2, Pandemic, Arkham Horror, Ennies,

Shadows of Esteren, Iron GM, Tiffany Aching series


  1. Chris McDermott

    If the Gnomes are still debating their next book, I’d like to suggest 1001 Interesting Failures.

    Some games have a feature where when players roll, if they fail it shouldn’t stop the game, it should just add an interesting complication.

    For example, if a player is trying to seduce the princess, they roll the die and fail, the GM can look up Seduction:

    > The princess is responsive to the player’s advances, but she has another suitor who is now antagonistic towards the player.
    > The princess is not reponsive to the player’s advances, but finds another member of the group interesting.
    > The princess is very reponsive to the player’s advances, but is just using them to make another suitor jealous.
    > etc.

  2. Chris McDermott

    In a similar vein to the Savage World One Sheets, there are the One Page Dungeon Contest entries:


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