Aug 14 2012

Episode #23 – Entitlement and Plot


023 – Entitlement and Plot

Hey folks. Me and Mark talk about Nile DeLuxor, a card game from Minion Games, discuss the idea of entitlement and plot in RPG’s, and finish up by tell you the three things we’re looking forward to the most at GenCon. At GenCon find Mark running D&D next or myself at Indy Games Explosion (Rm 238 in the convention center) or at Iron GM on Saturday.

Timer Notes

The Watercooler :39
The Gameroom 10:02
The Workshop (Entitlement and Plot) 30:57
The Geekery 1:06:19


Nile DeLuxor
Lords of Waterdeep
Dungeon Command
John Wick
Indy Games Explosion (Rm 238 in the convention center at GenCon)

Iron GM

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