Aug 09 2012

Episode #22 – D&D Hybrid or Pure RPG

022 – D&D Hybrid or pure RPG

This week at The Mark we chat about GenCon, Minion Games, if D&D a pure RPG these days or is it a Hybrid Board Game RPG, and the Dark Knight Rises.

Show Notes

0:42 – The Watercooler
15:38 – The Gameroom and a short minatures discussion.
24:18 – The WorkShop: D&D Hybrid or Pure RPG
54:50 – The Geekery



Minion Games
The Jennisodes
The Podgecast
GenCon Social
Iron GM
Houses of the Blooded
The Bearswarm Podcast
Never Unprepared
The Gnome Stew
Dark Forest Games
Dragon Snack Games
Dungeon Command
Savage Worlds
D&D Encounters
Sedition Wars
Legend of Drizzt
Cool Mini or Not
Warhammer 40k


  1. Mark Knapik

    Quick Correction about the 5e/Next game:
    They do have times on the tickets. Please show up for the time on your ticket. Show up a few minutes earlier to be sure.

  2. Shawn

    Good podcast again, guys. You know it’s good when you have me talking to you when you cannot hear me.

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