Jul 31 2012

Episode #21 – Never Unprepared

021 – Never Unprepared

This week The Mark is joined by Phil Vecchione of the Gnome Stew and Engine Publishing to chat about his book Never Unprepared which is tearing up the charts of RPGdom. If you’ve been wondering if this is the book for you we do a chapter by chapter overlook so listen up and then you’ll know if this book is for you.

Show Notes

0:33 – The Water Cooler

5:04 – The Gameroom

9:54 – The Geek Seat

29:35 – The Geekery


Vincent Baker
Agents of Oblivion
Savage Worlds
Engine Publishing
Marvel Heroic Role Playing Game
RPG Crosstalk
RPG Podcasts
Never Unprepared
Gnome Stew
Iron GM
Kingmaker Adventure Path
Plague Incorporated
Ticket to Ride
Lords of Waterdeep
Dresden Files
Kan Jam
Vampire: The Masquerade.
Iron Heroes
Ennie Dream Date
Spider Island
The Avengers – Earth’s Mighiest Heroes
2009 Fantastic Four
Young Justice
Monte Cook
John Carter of Mars

GenCon Events

– Gnome Stew
Never Unprepared: A Discussion About Session Prep
Gnome Stew and Engine Publishing – What’s Cooking?

– Monte Cook
Monte Who?

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