Jul 10 2012

Episode #19 – Player Investment, The QCC, and Spiderman

Episode #19 – Player Investment, the QCC, and Spiderman : Sorry about the audio quality on this one. I promise I’ll work harder to clean it up in the future. This episode we chat about the QCC, Player Investment in campaigns, and The Amazing Spiderman.

“I’m sorry I sound so terrible in this episode!” – Mark


Show Notes

1:02 – The Intro and News: QCC Talk

9:49 – The Gameroom

20:24 – The Workshop: Player Investment in Campaigns

59:56 – The Freeze or Freezer: The Amazing Spiderman


Queen City Conquest
Dragon Snack
Jar of Dreams
Sickboy Productionz
Cheap ass games
Master Plan
Mouse Guard
Five Crowns
Ticket to Ride
Settlers of Catan Cities and Knights
Dresden Files RPG
The Amazing Spiderman

1 comment

  1. Mark Knapik

    I’m really sorry about how horrible I sound in this episode.

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