Jun 13 2012

Episode #15 – Old School Gaming Round Table

The Old School Round Table 

This week we have Phil Vecchione of the Gnome Stew and Engine Publish along with Kevin and Daina Burke back for our old school round table where we talk about a variety of topics concerning old school gaming. Check out the pictures of some of the stuff we had on hand and feel free to browse the bazillion links from the show. There’s even a link for Ditto.

Show Notes

0:42  Intro

2:21  The Gameroom

8:15  The Workshop: The Old School Round Table

61:25 The Freeze



The Kingmaker Adventure Path
Car Wars
Buffalo Gamer’s Society
Changeling the Lost
3.5 Dungeons and Dragons
D&D Next 
Never Unprepared: The Complete Guide to Session Prep

4th Edition D&D 
Gnome Stew 
Red Box Set 
2nd Edition AD&D 
Tracy Hickman 
Marvel Super Heroes
GURPS Auto Duel
GURPS Horror
Monte Cook
Malhavock Press
Star Wars SAGA
Reality Blurs 
Fred Hicks
Evil Hat Productions
Wizards of the Coast
Open Design Project
Labyrinth Lord 
Swords and Wizardry 
Basic Fantasy Roleplay
Castles and Crusades 
Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG
Lamentations of the Flame Princess 
Dungeon World Kickstarter
Table Top Forge Kickstarter 
The Logic of RPGs
Sim’s Medieval 
Dungeon Rampage

Young Justice 
Ultimate Spider Man


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  1. Kevin Burke

    I totally forgot to mention the Rolemaster (aka Rulemaster) from Iron Crown Enterprises! My cousin ran the Middle Earth campaign that Iron Crown put out. Anyone remember the Arms Law and Claw Law books? I DESPISED this system because of how rules heavy and imbalanced it was! You could have a 7th level warrior have his butt handed to him by the town stray dog which, for some strange reason had more hit points than the warrior and had a bite that hit like a tarrasque! The one good thing I’ll say about the Rolemaster system was that they had the best descriptions on their crit charts, bar none! Without having the charts in front of me, I can’t quote them directly but the descriptions were along the lines of, “Your foe watches his entrails pool at his feet before collapsing in a heap. The poor fool expires in 2 rounds!” OR “The force of your weapon caves in your foe’s head and his eyes blast out of his sockets. Immediate death!” The crit charts are the ONLY thing I kept of those rules!! =)

  2. Aaron

    Fantastic show! I loved it!

    I started playing back in 1985-ish. I was in the 5th grade then. My first game that I experienced was D&D of course. Watching my uncle and his friends play back in 84′. Then I saw the box set of Star Frontiers and I had to have it. The Alpha Dawn box set cover illustration was so freaking amazing! I saved my allowance for weeks and then it was mine. My brother and I played the shit out of that game. I got a lot of my friends into gaming through playing Star Frontiers. I recently bought Star Frontier books back on eBay. I am currently re-reading the books. It is a piece of my childhood that is so great to have back in my hands again.

    Another game which you guys did not mention was Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay back in 1986. Warhammer RPG was so dark and gritty! It was basically D&D married with Call of Cthulhu. Your character goes off on an adventure yet they slowly either go mad or turns to evil (or Chaos). Then Warhammer RPG went underground for a long time. Only internet message boards kept this game alive. Later in 2005 there was a great re-boot of the game. They published tons of new material for it and corrected some bad rules.

    Awesome show guys! Loved it!

  3. Chris Sniezak

    I had to put ditto in there. Anyone under the age of 25 wouldn’t know what we were talking about.

  4. DNAphil

    LOL… this is the biggest list of links for show notes that I have ever seen…and you got Ditto in there. Awesome!

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