Jun 06 2012

Episode #14 – Origins and Episodic Gaming

Mark’s back and tells all about Origins and is excited about Artemis, the Spaceship Bridge Simulator. We then chat a bit about Dungeon Command, a new skirmish WotC game before moving over to the workshop and get into episodic gaming, the structure and what pieces you need to prep for such a game before chatting a little about comics in the Freeze.

014 – Origins and Episodic Gaming

Show Notes

0:37 Intro

0:48 Origins Talk

3:13 Chris’s Knee is jacked up

5:35 The Game room (It’s dusty)

6:29 Mark can’t kill PCs

8:37 Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator

16:19 Dungeon Command Discussion

21:03 Workshop

40:25 Misdirected Mark running D&D Next at UB

42:42 The Freeze


Wizards of the Coast
Ashes of Athas
Living Forgotten Realms
Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator
Queen City Conquest
Mouse Guard
Burning Wheel
Get Bit
Table Top
Changeling the Lost
World of Darkness
Dungeons and Dragons
Marvel Heroic Role Playing Game
Dungeon Raid
Defender II
Dungeon Command
Never Unprepared – The Complete Game Masters guide to Session Prep
Roleplay DNA
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Law and Order
Dr. Who
Eureka – 501 Plots for any game
Plotto by William Wallace Cook
D&D Encounters
Forgotten Realms
D&D Next
Temple of Elemental Evil
Marvel’s Civil War
50 Shades of Grey
OotS – Start of Darkness
Keith Baker


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