May 21 2014

Episode #113 – Blindsided

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Hey Folks. This week we’re scrounging for parts for the atomic portal at miskatonic university. While we’re there we chat about the news and talk about The Blindside and how to use it in your game. Hope you enjoy and next week we go back into the place outside of existence or wherever the house is.

Sponsors for the Show – Level 99 Games, Evil Beagle.

0:45 – Intro

1:53 – News

Double Cross RPG
Gen Con Registration

D&D v5 Release Schedule

Havoc Brigade
Nova Praxis
World of Dew

Jen’s Graduation!

Rapid Fires
Unframed Table of Contents up at Gnome Stew
Randomizing Questions

34:25 – Workshop – The Blindside
From Phil’s Article on Gnome Stew

Level 99 Games Spot – Argent the Consortium

1:01:14 – Geekery

Iron Empires: Void.
Agents of Shield Finale!

Penny Dreadful


  1. Alex Swingle

    The Blindside was never cool. I mean, black Snorlax playing football, come on now.

    Actually related to the discussion, I never felt a great level of satisfaction when I did M Night Shamalam levels of twists. As someone under 10, of course the Star Wars reveal about Luke and Vader is shocking, but for adults who have experienced such events multiple times, it reveals a 4th wall of manufacturing drama. Drama that isn’t as satisfying to me at least.

    Plot twists like that (because those have to be semi determined to be surprising) should be carefully planned with some level of foreshadowing. Obi Wan making references he knows Vader doesn’t do anything to suggest Luke’s heritage, but mentioning Vader had two children who were scattered across the galaxy after his wife’s death can lead to the potential of either being one of those two kids or finding them. When that moment happens, it feels a bit more cohesive to me and satisfying.

    1. Chris Sniezak

      I think you described exactly what we believe are good blindsides and bad blindsides. A quality blindside is awesome because when you look at the pieces you could have figured it out but just missed it while a bad one is sort of out of the blue. I think the Darth Vader one, now that I’ve been thinking about it, isn’t a great blindside because it does come a bit out of left field but some of the heist movie blindsides are pretty neat because you know they’re coming and they still manage to surprise you.

  2. Chris Sniezak

    Had a little hicup with the upload but the episode is fixed and the last 2 minutes which were missing are now there.

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