May 15 2014

Episode #112 – Staying Classy


      1. 112-Staying-Classy.mp3

Staying Classy

Hey Folks. This week we discuss the class mechanic in the garage as the house is assaulted by something from beyond.

Sponsors for the Show – Level 99 Games, Evil Beagle.

Intro – Knights of the Night




Rapid Fires

  • Table Top will be doing an RPG Spin off for season 3
  • Game Chef is going on now.
  • Torchbearer has a commercial and non-commercial licence.

Sponsor Spot: Evil Beagle Games – Shaintar Adventure Deck

The Garage – Being Classy

Sponsor Spot: Level 99 Games – Battle of the Indines



1) Fate of Elhal
2) Savage Elhal
3) All the Minecraft


1) Dungeon World
2) Marvel Dice Masters
3) Marvel Puzzle Quest
4) Fate of Elhal


Gotham Trailer

Strong Museum of Play acquires 22 pallets of Atari History

1 comment

  1. Shawn

    Loved the discussion about class. And even better, nothing anyone said made me lose my mind. 🙂 Only one slight comment that I don’t agree with: there are certain players who are going to be tempted by the new shiny no matter how fun and involved you make the campaign for your character. They are just more interested in the new mechanics than in any sort of story, no matter how great the story or how much their character is involved in it.

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