May 15 2012

Episode #11 – Monsters and the Avengers

011 – Monsters and the Avengers

Howdy folks. I’m on a bit of a tight schedule this week so the show notes might be a little late but for a preview of what you’ll find is some Lords of Waterdeeep and Undermountain talk in the the Gameroom, a chat about Monsters in your games in the Workshop, and a little dice jewelry and Whedon fanboyism concerning his run on the Astonishing X-Men in the Freeze. Be careful during the Freeze because we get into the Avengers movie and their are SPOILERS.

Show Notes

0:00 – Chris’ Phone

1:14 – The Gameroom – Lords of Waterdeep, Defender, Undermountain

10:12 – The Workshop – Flavoring, Weaknesses, Research, Building from Scratch, Balance, Monsters for Home Play vs Monsters for Publication,

32:53 – The Freeze – Geeky Arts and Crafts, Joss Whedon and the Astonishing X-Men(Outdated Spoilers!), Avengers(Current Spoilers!)


Lords of Waterdeep
Halls of Undermountain
Jar of Dreams
Astonishing X-Men on Hulu

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