Apr 03 2014

Episode #107 – Margin of Success and Gathering Players

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Margin of Success and Gathering Players

Hey Folks. This week we pull the Margin of Success of the wall in the garage and pull it apart and we chat about how gathering your players for your game can be a lot like dating. There’s also this little shadow problem but I think I got a tool for it.

Sponsors for the Show РLevel 99 Games, Evil Beagle games

0:55 – Intro

2:46 – The Bar

Fate Codex Issue 2 is out and delivered to Pateron Backers
CFP: Edited Collection on the Cultural Influences of Role-Playing Games
Relam Works 1.0 released
Gnome Stew hits 2,000,000 Visitors!

Sean and Ross Big Denver Adventure
Mobile Frame Zero 002: Alpha Bandit
Post Human Pathways
Bethorm: The Plane of Tekumel
Dice and Slice KS

The QCC Kickstarter
UBCon April 11-13
Lil’ Con April 19th

Rapid Fire News
War of the Ashes Playtest is live. Unfortunately signups are closed.
Dungeon World 3rd Printing
Bundle of Holding – Delta Green!
Around the Table is still a thing.

18:32 – The Garage – Margin of Success

39:16 – Gameroom

Fate of Elhal
Madness Games and Comics

Marvel Dice Masters
Raiden Fighters and other shooters
Fate of Elhal
D&D Encounters

56:17 – Workshop – Building Your Group

1:22:30 – Geekery

True Detective

Chris has never seen Animal House
Larger Question: Is there a list of Must See movies for this community?
Watched Pacific Rim
How I Met Your Mother series finale


  1. Greenizbest

    What!!! you haven’t seen Animal House. How long have you been living in your own little Siberia!
    Chris really please…..

    Ok movies to see….
    – Hudson Hawk, a wonderful tongue and cheek movie.
    – Aliens, a must see for anyone who longs to play a Syfy game.
    – last one is a reach back to the 80’s …. Spies like Us….it’s aaa…. it’s aaa … well it’s Soooo 80’s that you just can’t look away…

    Another Great show guys keep them coming.

  2. Alex Swingle

    To Cast A Deadly Spell – HBO Movie based on Lovecraft. This is the pulp-based version of Lovecraft’s work. Felt like the most authentic vision of his work.

    Johnny Dangerously – Perfect example of how to treat a light hearted game seriously. A mobster movie with ridiculous jokes treated seriously. For example, one of the characters has the most powerful pistol in the world and had a bullet travel through several walls when it was fired for the first time.

    Mortal Kombat – The first movie is one the best video-game based movies to date. Accurate to the story from the games, it also showed the world how awesome Sub-Zero, Scorpion, and Johnny Cage were.

  3. doomsquirrel718

    Another of example of Margin of Success games I rarely hear about is dream pod 9’s Heavy Gear roleplaying game, or Silhouette as it’s most recent edition was called.

    The mechanics rely almost entirely on margins of success and failure, in fact, that is the actual glossary term for the differences within the game. I have been told it is similar to savage worlds, but I don’t know enough about that system to make any comparisons.

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