Mar 27 2014

Episode #106 – Multidimensional Dice and Making Story Happen on the Grid

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Multidimentional Dice and Making Story Happen on the Grid

Hey Folks. This week I learn we have a garage and it needs an access card or a portal gun. In there we pull apart Multidimensional Dice as a mechanic and then we chat about Making Story Happen on the Grid and ways you can keep the narrative strong when the mini’s and the maps come out.

1:06 – Intro

2:23 – Watercooler

The One Page Dungeon Contest
All Rolled Up is turning 1 year old. – Phil’s Gnome Stew article on All Rolled Up
Dungeon Elementary
Icons Assembled Edition
Shop Till You Drop by Mike Merals
Night Witches

Coming to DnDClassics this week:
Eberron Campaign Setting (3E Eberron)
Mind Lords of the Last Sea (2E Dark Sun)
Circle of Darkness (2E Ravenloft)
FRA3 Blood Charge (2E Forgotten Realms)
SJA1 Wildspace (2E Spelljammer)

and looking ahead to next week:
Thri-Kreen of Athas (2E Dark Sun)
RM1 Roots of Evil (2E Ravenloft)
The Gothic Earth Gazetteer (2E Ravenloft)
WGR5 Iuz the Evil (2E Greyhawk)
SJQ1 Heart of the Enemy (2E Spelljammer)

Combat description cards from Conflict Roleplaying
Sean Patrick Fannon’s GoFundMe

Local News
The Buffalo GenCon Party Bus Mark@misdirectedmark.com
Painted Ogre Games is Looking for Minion’s 
The Queen City Conquest Kickstarter
Around the Table – Remind about this new segment

22:34 – The Garage — Multidimensional Dice

39:58 – Gameroom

Marvel Puzzle Quest
League of Legends
D&D Encounters

More Minecraft! On the iPad a well as PC
Scattagories (parents house)
Ticket to Ride (parents house)

52:03 – Workshop – Making story happen on the battle map.

1:09:26 – Geekery

Letters of Note: Make Your Soul Grow

Star Wars Ep 7 30 years after Jedi
X-Men Days of Future Past Second Trailer:
Gauntlet Trailer
Breach & Clear coming to Steam 
Incredibles 2 is a go.


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  1. Eric Simon

    In many ways, playing cards are easier to make multidimensional than dice are. There are lots of systems that exploit the value/suit information. Savage Worlds uses it in its chase rules, where players have to consider the balance of taking an automatic complication if they really want to use that high club. And of course Will Hindmarch’s upcoming “Dark” uses suits to delineate the type of action and the value to determine the success. There is even a third dimension considering that cards can be played face down for different effect.

  2. Sean Phelan

    I like the Multi-Dimensional Dice topic. Was surprised at your take on the Story Dice from Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. You guys had mentioned quite a few games you felt met the standard for Multi-Dimensional Dice & I kept thinking…they HAVE to mention EoE, which has far more dimensional dice than any mentioned. Then when you mentioned EoE, you both expressed doubts it even qualified!

    So, Phil started off the examples with Top Secret, which used the same die roll to determine whether an attack hit, as it did to determine hit location (as an aside, Dark Heresy does that, too) – so that seemed to be the informal “bar” to be met.

    In EoE, an attack roll, in addition to determining whether it hit, can: heal the attacker of Strain (~fatigue), cause Strain to the attacker, immediately grant the attacker additional maneuverability, increase the difficulty of the target’s next die roll test of any kind, decrease the difficulty of an ally’s next die roll test of any kind, negate the target’s defensive bonuses from cover/equipment/etc., allow attacker to ignore environmental penalties, cause target’s equipment to be damaged/destroyed, disable target, improve the attacker’s defense next time he’s attacked, force the target to drop their weapon, cause the attacker’s weapon to run out of ammo, cause the attacker’s weapon to suffer damage…and so on.

    If you compare that to determining hit location…come on now gentlemen! Right now, I would submit to you EoE dice as probably the most multi-dimensional dice currently out there (I understand Warhammer Fantasy uses very similar Story Dice as these).

    Thanks guys, enjoyed the podcast!

    1. Chris Sniezak

      The mechanic surrounding the dice is multidimentional but the implementation itself isn’t. Don’t get me wrong. I love me some EoE and what it does but when talking about Multidimensional dice you still just add up the symbols and decide what happens. It makes it a multidimensional result and a multidimensional die pool but do the dice themselves have more than one function.? I think the dice just provide one type of information except for the triumph and despair which provide two.

  3. Shawn

    Chris, what you are saying about Encounters is pretty much spot on. Encounters definitely is built to deliver a certain type of play experience, and certain adventures do not gracefully deliver that experience. Against the Cult of Chaos, the second Encounters season I worked on, was the first to really break that mold of an Encounters season that just delivered sequential pre-set encounters in a predetermined order. It was a lot of work to get a non-linear adventure to work in such a way–and even then it was not feasible to make everyone happy who were used to the typical Encounters format.

  4. Shawn

    Multidimensional dice: in 4e D&D, attack rolls with certain sorcerer powers might have changed whether the roll was odd or even. The Mice and Mystics board game have special dice that have different symbols that can resolve different tasks or provide different information.

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