Mar 20 2014

Episode #105 – The New GM and Moving Day

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The New GM and Moving Day

Hey Folks. This week Phil Vecchione is in the house as the new co-host of the show and we’re moving all his stuff in. It’s a lot of stuff. I mean a whole tone of stuff. Good thing I have an extradimentional space to put it in. We also take a listener question about tips for starting a new campaign as a new GM in the Workshop and announce a couple of new segments. Enjoy and feel free to tell us what you think and how we can make the show better.

Sponsors for the Show – Level 99 Games, Evil Beagle Games

0:47 – Intro

3:16 – Watercooler

Secrets, Rumors and Fast Setting Building
Banking Fate Points to create suspense in Fate
Latest Bundle of Holding: Fantastic Valor
Descriptive damage for Dungeon World
Adding mini’s to your fate game
Corporia the RPG
Ritual in Roleplaying games
Two Column Fate
Mall Adventures
Project Paradigm
Ross and Sean’s Big Denver Adventure
Around the Table

25:10 – Gameroom

Marvel Puzzle Quest
League of Legends
Killer Bunnies
Dr. Who
Dungeon World – The Airy Peaks
Savage Worlds: Elhal – The Harvest

Dungeon World – The Airy Peaks
Dangerous Space Jail

41:43 – Workshop – Advice for the New GM

Start small…just get your first adventure under your belt.
Learn the core rules…skill checks and combat.
Understand what your game is doing.
Connect with the players, connect with the characters.
Don’t sweat the first session its like the pilot of a TV show.

Golden Sky Stories

57:14 – Geekery

Veronica Mars Movie

Agents of Shield
The Boys (comic)
Minecraft Wiki


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  1. Ian Powell

    Hey guys. Not to split hairs, but I’ve been trying to talk with Dave Chalker for a bit now about the similarities between his twist on Mage named Project Paradigm, and the roleplaying game I worked on called Project: Paradigm. Here’s a link to the book that’s available for download and purchase, it’s been open to buy since December. Just a heads up.



    -Ian Powell

    1. Chris Sniezak

      I’ll be sure to mention this on the next episode of the show. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Mark Plemmons

    Welcome Phil, and thanks for the kind words about Corporia!

  3. Matt

    This is my first episode. Coming in from Gnome Stew, and a long time fan of Phil. Chris, you seem OK too. Just kidding Chris, you were great too! I really liked the move-in shtick and the segment audio dividers. The Workshop made me think of ‘This Old House’ with Bob Villa.

    This Old Game.. someone needs to make that. 🙂

    Oh yeah, I enjoyed the episode and plan on coming back for more.


    1. Chris Sniezak

      Thanks for the kind words Matt and I agree, someone should make a podcast or segment of a podcast called this old game. If this is your first episode it’s not a bad one to jump in on. There’s sort of a fictional story that goes with the show and we’re all character in it while still being ourselves. It’s a little meta, a little farce, and all fun…or at least we hope it is.

  4. Savage Mommy

    Savage Mommy here. Thanks for the shout out for the Rocky Mountain Savages. I’m also totally addicted to Minecraft. It is consuming my free time.

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