Feb 20 2014

Episode 102.1 – Interlude with Will Hindmarch and Project: Dark

      1. 102-Will-Hindmarch.mp3


Hey Folks. This week is a little different as I have two great interviews for you. In the first part I chat with Will Hindmarch about his very successful kickstarter Project: Dark and get some insights on where where story and gaming intersect.

Shared Worlds
2nd Person from MIT Press
Persuasive Games
Protagonist Labs
Gameplaywrite press

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    […] interviews lately for my new tabletop RPG, Dark. (The Kickstarter ends today!) I talked online with the Misdirected Mark podcast and I was interviewed via email for this piece at The Escapist. I ramble and I talk too fast and […]

  2. Wordstudio: The Gist

    […] you hear? My voice and opinions appear on this episode of the Misdirected Mark podcast, where I talk about games, stories, Storium, Project: Dark, and what it’s like to game with […]

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