Feb 13 2014

Episode #101 – Traps and Flower or Flour

      1. Traps and Flour or Flowers - Misdirected Mark

Traps and Flour or Flowers

Hey Folks. This week Mark and I chat about traps as we plot capture and deal with Marks Doppelganger. The action is heating up as year 2 is winding to a close.

Sponsors for the Show: Level 99 Games

0:56 – Intro

2:40 – The Watercooler

13:17 – The Gameroom

Marvel Puzzle Quest
League of Legends
Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game


18:56 – The Workshop: Talking about Traps

39:31 – The Geekery

International Board game Day and Local board game day

Sword Art Online



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  1. opus

    Swords-Art Online is an incredibly flawed show; the two biggest flaws are the Gary Stu main character and the fact that it simply doesn’t even understand the genre it is set in (MMO).

    I highly recommend you watch Log Horizon. It’s an incredibly well written deconstruction of MMO and gaming in general. It’s kind of like what happens if you turn an MMO into a table top RPG; the hard coded rules aren’t set in stone anymore and when the player characters start experimenting, things go off the track.

    It’s fantastically meta in all the positive ways. The 1st episode is very deceptive (action and hard MMO) but they immediately start deconstructing the genre afterwards. And they come up with so many answers to how to hurt an immortal.

    I really should just spam this to all the other gaming podcasts I listen to, would love to see everyone’s minds get blown with every episode.

    1. Chris Sniezak

      I enjoyed the first 14 episodes of Sword Art Online and not for its commentary on the MMO genre but its themes and how the two main characters, and really the whole first part was about how human will can break the rules set by a society. I will have to give Log Horizon a watch since this is the third time I’ve heard about it. I do agree that there were some moments when I thought that the world either didn’t make sense from an MMO stand point and couldn’t figure out if the writer was using WoW standards or Eve online standards or something original.

      1. opus

        From what I hear, the writer simply had little to no experience with MMO in general; i.e. he made things up as he went. Explained why in a world where ‘magic’ didn’t exist… everyone was doing very magic style moves and attacks.

  2. Alex Swingle

    At minute 11: The only thing groan-worthy of the thought that game exists is the audience it will reach, not on what it plans on reaching. I’m very extreme with my ideals on equality, so that is more than likely the reason for my ire with these game concepts. Joe McDonald (I still haven’t found a clan name that spells it the way he chooses to) consistently exploits the LGBT community by being the poster child of FUBU for that culture. Exploit is used under the definition of business, not that is he evil or something.

    Back on point, I’m more inclined knowing my observations about ‘Story Games’ is the game will be for people who associate themselves with the LGBT community and people who tolerate/accept they are fellow human beings. It will rarely, if ever, be a useful tool for homophobes who don’t care about relating to those who live that lifestyle. It will mainly give fuel to those already afflicted with their social shame into hating others for not accepting their lifestyle and drive away friends who didn’t want to go deeply into each others’ personal lives.

    Plus it is Apocalypse World based and I do not like that game. It works in terms of rolling dice, but I didn’t see the source material showing that the 2d6 it used was necessary. It was mainly a lot of sass and not a lot of constructive teaching on how to play in that setting troupe. To recap: Not saying to ban it, but I don’t like McDonald is going back to the well and social justice warriors are eating it up because it is about homosexuals and transgender people. If it was homosexual robots, then I would be the first in line :). (It’s funny because robots are not born with genitalia proving what gender they were design as for procreation, allowing for robots to fornicate however they want because there would be no expectations.)

    Much love and I hope I don’t sound as bad as that rant could be perceived.

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