Feb 06 2014

Episode #100 – The Beginning and Miles Kantir from Savage Mojo

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The Beginning and Miles Kantir from Savage Mojo

Hello Folks. Well here it is. Episode 100 which begins a four part story about the ending of our battle with the master of dungeons. I’ve been looking forward to these episodes which will mark the end of the second year of the show and the beginning of a new era of the Misdirected Mark Podcast. Changes they are a coming. On this episode we also have an excellent interview with Miles Kantir from Savage Mojo about the Suzerain Continuum, publishing, and the advances in PDF technology they’re trying out these days. Enjoy the show.

Sponsors for the Show: Level 99 Games, Evil Beagle Games

1:09 – The Intro

6:56 – Watercooler

DL4 Dragons of Desolation (1E Dragonlance)
GAZ4 The Kingdom of Ierendi (1E AD&D)
Player’s Secrets of Helskapa (2E Birthright)
FR4 The Magister (2E Forgotten Realms)
Heroes of Battle (3E AD&D)

16:27 – The Gameroom

Pathfinder Adventure card game X2
Running Gagg
Silvervine games
Eldritch horror – with friends!

Fate of Elhal – Awesome Game
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game – Distracted by the tangent twins
Marvel Puzzle Quest
Dungeon World: The Airy Peaks
Do: Fate of the Flying Temple

44:08 – The LoungeWith Miles Kantir of Savage Mojo, The most interesting man in gaming.

The Suzerain Continuum

Shaintar: Legends Unleashed

Savage Mojo

Savage Mojo Products on Drive Thru RPG

1:56:00 – The Geekery

Dresden fan video site

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