May 16 2017

DwD&D#99 – Gnolls

Let’s get down with demonic hyenas. It’s all about Gnolls on DwD&D this week.


There aren’t any links this week because the Gnolls destroyed them. They’re so mean.


  1. Edward Haddock

    So,,,I was sitting here listening to the episode about Gnolls and you were both talking about saving the one guy that somehow became part of a Gnoll band. That sparked a thought and I figured I would share it with you. There are two main tails of humans raised by animals; Jungle Book and Tarzan. In both cases the human in the story took on aspects of the environment he was in. A twisted dark Tarzan or Jungle Book could be awesome! A baby is somehow taken in by a war band or a pack and rises to a high level in the group. Through learning their ways he/she is able to take on powers of those he/she devours. The possibility here is pretty open for a lot of fun. Thanks for an awesome podcast and sharing. You guys always get ideas sparking in my head!

    1. Shawn

      Hey Edward, thanks for the thoughtful comments. I had never thought about that “raised by animals” motif as a genre, but that is a great topic. I would love to read/play something along those lines!

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