May 16 2017

DwD&D#99 – Gnolls

Let’s get down with demonic hyenas. It’s all about Gnolls on DwD&D this week.


There aren’t any links this week because the Gnolls destroyed them. They’re so mean.

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  1. Edward Haddock

    So,,,I was sitting here listening to the episode about Gnolls and you were both talking about saving the one guy that somehow became part of a Gnoll band. That sparked a thought and I figured I would share it with you. There are two main tails of humans raised by animals; Jungle Book and Tarzan. In both cases the human in the story took on aspects of the environment he was in. A twisted dark Tarzan or Jungle Book could be awesome! A baby is somehow taken in by a war band or a pack and rises to a high level in the group. Through learning their ways he/she is able to take on powers of those he/she devours. The possibility here is pretty open for a lot of fun. Thanks for an awesome podcast and sharing. You guys always get ideas sparking in my head!

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