Apr 22 2016

DwD&D#46 – Pop Culture D&D and OotA Final

DownwithD&DAre you ready to get down. I am. I am. It’s pop culture in D&D inspired by Michael Bedensky and then we finish up with the Underdark and finally emerge from the Abyss, a little crazier but still sorta there. Now for the bad news. My audio got messed up bad so I had to go to the back up recording. It’s not as good as our normal fare but next time I promise it’ll be solid. Get Down. Be Solid. Wave your tentacle arms in the air like you just don’t care. Peace.


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  1. Chris Sniezak

    I think I have fixed the issue folks. You should now be able to stream and Download the episode. Sorry about that.

  2. Michael

    Hmm. I am similarly unable to stream/download this episode… 47 works fine though.

  3. Branden

    Link for RSS and download of Episode 46 appears to be broken.

    1. Chris Sniezak

      I checked it over and it appears to be working on my end. Can you be more specific in how it’s not working or what it’s not working with so I can try and find a solution. Thanks Branded for pointing it out to me.

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