Feb 11 2016

DwD&D#36 – What’s New in D&D & Winter Fantasy

itunesDownwithDDGet Down! No, seriously, get down, there’s an Mystic with with a psionic spear. Now Dance. Ok, enough of that. It’s time to delve into what’s new with D&D which is moar Ravenloft, Psionics take 2, a new way to look at game location facilitation, and the February survey. Then the Mad Wizard gives us his after action report from Winter Fantasy. Now you can get up. The Mystic is dead. The fighter killed him.


Ravenloft Story line Information

The N&N Adventuring Company

Psionics Take 2

February Survey



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  1. Avi

    Sounds like you guys should write a supplement for DMG on running investigations in 5e

  1. In One Week | Mark the Industry – @Visionary

    […] actually talked about the Gauntlgrym chapter on the previous¬†episode I listened to. However, last episode I was waiting to hear about Winter Fantasy and the D&D Epic–see below. I disagreed a bit […]

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