Jan 14 2016

DwD&D#32 – DMs Guild & What’s New in D&D

itunesDownwithDDBreak it down. Mark Knapik from OBS (Drive Thru & DMs Guild) joins us to talk about the DMs Guild and gives us a little behind the scene look at its creation. We also hit up what’s new in D&D.

Time Stamps

0:46 – What’s New in D&D

4:51 – What is the DMs Guild?

The Five Temples of the Earthmother Part I: Life & Moon



  1. HeavyMetalJess

    I’m really wanting them to add Al-Qadim. There isn’t much out there for it, and I run a campaign inspired by it that I would love to sell modules for.

    1. Christopher M Sniezak

      Al-Qadim is already available as its part of the Forgotten Realms and Wolfgang Baur, the original creator and that kobold press guy, hunted at releasing a number of things for it on the dms guild. It’s very exciting.

  2. Mark Knapik

    Futher notes about ownership that I have since been informed about:
    The creator keeps rights to his work, but we(OBS/WotC) get an exclusive, perpetual license to sell it and make derivative works from it
    Its sort a de facto way of losing all rights, but a difference is that WOTC will pay the creator if WOTC decides to use the creator’s work in other media for example

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