May 19 2015

DwD&D#15 – Factions

DownwithD&DHey Folks. Who wants to get down with the D&D factions. Maybe you’re a Harper fan? I know you love those Zentarim. I’m a Lords Alliance guy myself. Well we dish a bit about the factions this week but we dive into how to use them in your games. Hope you enjoy and let us know what you think.


Sage Advice: Feats

Apocrypha Adventure Card Game



  1. Michael Beennsky

    Alex – as requested – Suggested Topics – #1 = 10 most broken things in D&D 5E., #2 = Review of Elemental Evil Player’s Companion, #3 = Best 3rd Party Adventure Worlds for D&D 5E (If you do not know about them then message me on Google+ and I will let you know), #4 = Alternative D&D 5E Magazines, EN World’s “EN5ider” & Endless Vistas Publishing’s “The Spire” on Patreon, #5 = Interview someone from WoC about Rage of Demons, Else,, If you know who is writing it , interview them.

    1. Alex Swingle

      Many thanks. The royal we would certainly like to get some more guests on that are in the know at WotC. It is a little harder now that the format requires a specific time due to schedule.

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