Aug 01 2017

DwD&D#110 – Rethinking Campaign Expectations

Let’s get down with stories, arcs, and campaigns. It’s rethinking campaign expectations this week as we talk about a number of ways to structure campaigns.



  1. Hawk

    Great show y’all! Definitely running several arcs that have turned into a great campaign that has been running since roughly November of 2015. The characters are now level 9 and rising with no end in sight. Maybe I’m thinking about it wrong but I see each character’s progression as sub-archs of the larger story. They started in Red Larch; were swept into Barovia and are now headed back into the midst of the rising elemental evil that continued to perculate in their absence. I am now going player to player to re-establish their characters motivations so that I can continue….all the while weaving new twists based on backstory. All I am doing is imagining how their story is interlaced with the larger narative… then synching both which takes in all kinds of cool directions. I am using all published material and beyond to weave the story which can go in any direction at this point. I am really excited to see where it will all go next. Cheers!

    1. Chris Sniezak

      You’re right on point with the character arcs. They function just the same as story arcs and get nested right inside those larger story arcs. It’s great when you get those larger story arcs and character story arcs to combine. That’s some excellent gaming at that point.

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