Mar 16 2015

DwD&D#11 – Organized Play, Writing Tests, Campaign Set Up, & Big Bads

Hey Folks. We’re back with some more Down with D&D, yeah you know me and this time we’re chatting about what’s up with organized play, the design test for the open call for writers, campaign set up from the DMG, and some Big Bads you might use in your campaign. Hope you enjoy and let us know.

Note: Sorry about some of the sound stuff. I’ll clean that up for the next recording.

Topic 1 – Organized Play and Writing Tests

Topic 2 – Mastering Dungeons: Campaign Set Up (Pg 25-26 in the DMG)

Topic 3 – Minions, Monsters & Masterminds: Big Bad’s

Chart on pg 74 with ideas in DMG for villains

Chart on Pg 94 – 97 in DMG for villains motivations and methods.

  • Dragons
  • Aberrations
  • Undead Hordes
  • Overlords

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