Jul 15 2017

DwD&D#107 – Expectations for Published Adventures

Let’s get down with adventures, how they look, how they should look, and what we want inside them to make them easier to run. Shawn & Chris are looking at adventures and how their presented on the page.




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  1. f8

    When you discuss initiative, it would be great to hear your thoughts on why we even need it. What fun does it add to the game? I played without initiative for many years before I bothered with it. I use it now mainly because players expect it. But it seems to me like initiative systems are a lot of work for not a lot of fun. It really only matters very occasionally who goes first, and in those cases, why not do a test on the spot instead of slowing everything down for the entire battle for something that might be irrelevant? It’s so much easier go around the table and treat everything has simultaneous (or zombies last, or whatever obviously suits the circumstances) until it actually matters.

    1. John O'Brien

      I know I generally play trad games, but there initiative is pretty crucial – will you get your save or suck spell off before your opponent, or will they take you or a party member out first? I like Mr. Mearls’ intiative, only (and I realize this is a problem and compounding it) it is too simplistic. Why should a guy running away be slower than a guy swinging a sword. It seems more reasonable to me that each separate portion – be it attack, movement, bonus action – should be it’s own thing, adding cumulatively. I was thinking that you could use dry erase boards from something like Say Anything and write down the order – say you want to shoot a bolt (d4), then move into position (d6) and then cast healing word (d10, which is ridiculous), and say you roll a 3, 2, and 7 for those. Mearls would have you go on initiative count 12, but I’d prefer you fire your bolt on 3, move on 5 (3+2) and heal on 12 (3+2+7). Thus if you try to flee, you get 30 feet on your first d6 (or whatever your movement is) and 30 more on the next.

      Yeah, I did say this compounds the problem.

  2. Dan Bensin

    The guy at Loot The Room wrote a good peice about this recently. Don’t have the link but you should read it

    1. Shawn

      Thanks for letting us know, Dan!

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