Jul 04 2017

DwD&D#106 – AP and Storytelling Podcasts

Let’s get down with Celeste Conowitch and James Introcaso as they chat with us about Actual Play and Narrative podcastings affect on the gaming landscape and some things to thing about if you wanted to get into making these kinds of podcasts.




  1. Aaron Good

    Hey! I just wanted to comment on something James said really quick. He said no one makes their living producing an Actual Play, which is mostly true, but the show “Dungeons and Randomness” has a thriving patreon community that allows them to do their awesome show for their full time jobs. If you guys want to talk to them about how they do it, I’m sure they’d be down (pun intended)

    1. Shawn

      Thanks Aaron! Always good to get new information!

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