Apr 04 2017

DwD&D #93 – Adversarial DMs and Alignment

Let’s get down with the conflict and the good and evil or chaos and law of it all. It’s Adversarial DMs and Alignment on this track of Down with D&D.


  1. Kuya

    Alignment brought about the Outer Planes, The Great Wheel, and Planescape. For whatever issues Alignment may have caused for some people, the amount of flavor, story, possibilities, and awesome material it made/inspired more than makes up for the hurt feelings of a few. Just because some people can’t use Alignment as a guideline or RP aid, doesn’t mean it should be axed completely. D&D 5E did it well by keeping Alignment around, and also introducing other RP aids (Background, Bonds, Flaws, Ideals, etc.) for those that don’t want to really use Alignment. You can have both.

  2. OldschoolDM

    For those wanting to read my original comments:

    Thank you very much for the respect that you pay me by carefully considering and responding to my post. A great episode! Nothing less than we’ve come to expect from the ‘cast.

    We agree on more than we disagree, that is to be sure. And Shawn, I’m so sorry that you’ve had to play with so many ‘want to win” DMs – as I suspected, I’ve lived a sheltered D&D life. Just because I find it unimaginable, doesn’t mean I should dismiss it – mea culpa on that.

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