Jul 30 2014

DwD&D #2 – Breaking D&D is Bad and Backgrounds, Bonds & Flaws

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Breaking D&D is Bad and Backgrounds, Bonds & Flaws

Hey Folks. This week Swingle is in the house with Cindy and we chat up some news, Co-operative D&D, and Backgrounds, Bonds, and Flaws. Please send us feedback at chris@misdirectedmark.com.


Co-Operative D&D

Backgrounds, Bonds, and Flaws



  1. jeff k

    first time listening just a note on the power gamers trying to control a table… as a GM a power gamer can be put into check by gearing loot rewards towards the other players to keep characters in balance…. if you have a power fighter make loot and gear ..magical items etc tough to come by for the power gamer make that +3 sword in the module into a dagger or mace instead… etc make that power fighter play with his rusty chipped sword and dented and rusty armor to keep your party balanced Its up to the GM to keep his/her party balanced so everyone has a chance to shine.

  2. Heather Coleman

    Great show again!

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