Apr 03 2013

Episode #56 – Dungeon World and the Green Shirts

056 – Dungeon World and the Green Shirts


Hello friends. This week I return to The Gnome Cannibal Illusionists lair to talk about Dungeon World with the aforementioned and now Origins Award Nominee Phil Vechionne and The Infamous Green Shirts. I hope you enjoy the discussion and please tell me if your interested in trying some Dungeon World. If so I might just whip up a Skype game for those who are.

0:39 – Introducing the Green Shirts and their gaming cred

3:56 – News from the Gnomes Lair

Torment: Tides of Numenera
Achtung! Cthulhu
Thread detected – Short Jumps segment
Engine Publishing is revealing a book sometime soon.

7:31 – Extradimentional Entertainment Emporium

Pathfinder can be painful
Dungeon World
Star Wars the Old Republic

Dungeon World
Daytona NASCAR Racing
Uno Attack
Uno with Dante

Dungeon World
Elder Sign
Plague Inc. with zombie add on

Ticket to Ride
Dungeon World
Elder Sign the actual board game
Pokemon trading card game

League of Legends
I don’t play Pathfinder
Dungeon Raid
Blood Brothers
Elder Sign on Android

20:58 – Around the Proverbial Stew

What is Dungeon World
Link to Dungeon World Home Page
GNS Theory
Nights Black Agents
Lumpley Games
Choose Your Own Adventure

1:12:16 – The Geekery

Myke Meets Phil’s Love Vera
April Fools stuff we’ve seen



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  1. Joshuha

    The game is creative commons so no worry about Sage suing you. 🙂

    1. Chris Sniezak

      good to know. 🙂

  2. Chris Sniezak

    Thanks for letting us know what that vampire AW game is and I thought it was an odd comment at the time too but then I figured that style of game is still what a lot of people would think of as being a hippy game style if most people are playing games like D&D and Savages Worlds and Pathfinder.

  3. Rich

    I found it interesting at one point about 42 mins in where everyone was talking about this game being a conversation and having to call everyone a hippie for making a game into a fun activity with friends instead of map combat.

    The Vampire game using AW is probably Undying:

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