Jan 01 2018

Cypher Speak Episode 26: Unleash your inner Game Master!

Troy & Darcy discuss the upcoming new GM Month, sharing thier tips and tricks for new GMs to the Cypher System and in General.


Troy – @newgmmonth – Follow for all the New Game Master Month information.

Darcy – Shout out to all the amazing GMs she plays with and learns from.

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Keep in touch & let us know your thoughts on the show or anything in the CypherSphere!

Thanks for all the support so far!

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  1. Chris Manos

    Hi Guys, TatteredKing here! Thanks for the shout out as well as all the great ideas. I’ve got a friend I have been gaming with for >12 years who is going to start GMing for the first time. It’s gonna be Pathfinder, but at least he is taking the plunge. I’ve sent this podcast over to him as it has a lot of gold for new GMs.

    I’m following along for New GM month. Since I’m already running Cypher and Numenera, I’m going for Trail of Cthulhu. I’ve got the game, have never played or run, and I love me some Cthulhu.

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