Oct 23 2017

Cypher Speak Episode 21: Dinosaurs are a Girl’s Best Friend

Troy & Darcy talk about the amazing new companion rules in Predation.


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  1. Brian

    You two are doing a fantastic job, thanks for all the hard work!

    I know the tagline is “A discussion podcast about Monte Cook Games,” but would you be interested in doing an episode on a recent Cypher System release by RavenDesk Games: “VURT the RPG”? Just got my PDF and my mouth is agape at the sheer weirdness and scope of this setting. I’m sure my fellow listeners would be fascinated by it.

  2. David Hill

    Thanks for the shoutout, Darcy. Another use for the companion rules is intelligent magic items. I’ve always loved magic items in D&D, and I’ve run games where each character had a signature item that was more powerful than the players knew, and as the campaign went on, the items would awaken and turn out to be not only intelligent but to develop new abilities with experience. It was a pain for me to play ALL the parts, though I enjoyed the psychotic dagger, and I could see each player playing someone else’s magic sword, staff, etc could be a fun change of pace.

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