Sep 11 2017

Cypher Speak Episode 18: C’mon, Fight me!

Troy & Darcy plot how to run epic boss fights in the Cypher System!

(PS: If you get an episode that is mysterious and only 3 minutes long, please re-download 🙂



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  1. Warren

    Nice, as always, but I especially loved the idea of the diminishing armour. So simple but, I think, it’s going to be very effective. Eager to get back in the GM seat now.

  2. Will

    Currently planning a boss battle (giant robot) in a Cypher Supers game. Environment is something I’m pulling together a bunch of ideas for beforehand – complications for the battle, and not only as intrusions.

    It’s partially to keep things more interesting – not just everyone pounding the baddie every round – a car might get thrown at a children’s hospital, or civilians are trapped by fire, downed electrical lines, falling building, or a news chopper gets knocked out of the sky.

    Things that can play into the strengths of these supers, which are capital G good – they’ll WANT to attend to these other small fires.

    1. Warren

      Will, this isn’t environmental, but your mention of the children’s hospital reminded me of a really intense scenario my wife ran for some supers.

      The bad guys were kidnappings babies from a maternity ward and each had one in a baby-bjorn by the time the team showed up. A tiny change to the standard hostage scenario, but really makes Good Guy heroes take an extra pause.

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