Jun 12 2017

Cypher Speak Episode 12: Shanna Germain Asset Interview

Today Darcy and Troy interview Shanna Germain of Monte Cook Games.

We travel back into the past of Predation, and learn some of its secrets.CS-blank-250x250-web



Monte Cook Games

Museum of the Earth

Shanna Germain:

Keep in touch & let us know your thoughts on the show or anything in the CypherSphere!

Thanks for all the support so far!

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  1. Big Troy Tucker

    I love Cypher Speak. I have been running Numenera since it came out for us plebs that didn’t get in the kickstarter. I love the game so much, yet its totally different mindset takes me a bit of “warming up to” before I jump in again. Your show is like the perfect on ramp to me telling stories in the 9th world.
    Now I’m pumped up and excited to run Numenera for Free RPG Day!
    Thanks for the great work!

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