Aug 13 2016

Cypher Speak Episode 0: Weird Beginnings

CS-credits-250x250-webWelcome to episode zero of Cypher Speak. Darcy and Troy begin their quest to delve into all things related to Monte Cook Games: creators of the Cypher System, Numenera, the Strange, No Thank You Evil, and the upcoming Invisible Sun RPG. Every show will have an Artifact, which will be our major topic or question for that episode. Darcy and Troy will then throw Cyphers at that particular Artifact. These will be different perspectives or points of view that will be useful for unpacking or exploring the episode’s Artifact. Lastly will be the Poddities; these will be little shoutouts about something cool that Darcy and Troy have seen recently and want to share.

In this introduction episode, Darcy and Troy talk about the format of the podcast, and why they love the Cypher System so much.

Time Stamps

0:30 Artifacts: Introduction to Cypher Speak, Why We Love the Cypher System

2:03 Cyphers: Darcy & Troy’s favorite aspects of the Cypher System

11:22 Poddities


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  1. Dean

    I am a huge fan of the Cypher System. I supported the latest Cypher System Kickstarter. You ever need a guest… I’m in. I’ve been running intros to the Cypher System at a local gaming store. Coming in September Queen City Conquest. I’ll be running Demos all weekend. Sept 9-11, Buffalo Convention Center

    1. Darcy Ross

      DANG that’s awesome! We’re hoping to do some community interviews, sounds like we’d have a lot to talk about! I’d love to set something up, perhaps easiest through our email: cypherspeakpod@gmail.com

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