Apr 08 2016

Bonus Episode: MMP & BS Crossover – Get a Clue

G&BS&MMPXoverHey Folks. Time for a little crossover action as Brett from Gaming & BS joins the crew on this one to talk about investigative gaming. Hope you enjoy and we’ll catch you soon. Also, tell us about your mystery game experiences and what you think goes into a good mystery game?


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  1. Tymonger

    When I do investigative games & I think of doing a red haring. I like to call them side jobs. But is to see how off the track the side quest they will go before realizing they need to solve the main murder. Because like you guys the Clock is ticking & they bad guy might get away. I also sometime think of doing a side job for a few reasons to 1- Like I said to see how focus they are on the main task, 2- sometimes it is done by the murder or party helping the murder to get away (wind down the clock), 3- or it could be done to show the story is bigger then they think. (it is not a murderer it is a serial killer) Side jobs do not need to be the red haring we think they could be. But I love the show keep up the fine work.

    P.S. Phil have you ever thought of recording your “Day of FATE”? Maybe have Jim McClure be on to teach him FATE.

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