Mar 19 2016

Barefoottourguide Presents the One Ring Episode 8



Barefoottourguide Presents: The One Ring: The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear Episode 8: The Tools of Lesser Rulers. Led by the Ranger Loreth down the Anduin, circling Lothlorien, the Company’s attacked by mercenaries based in an orcish fort in the middle of the river. Turns out the mercenaries were hired by the craven Vidugalum, Lord of the Toft, to prevent the Company from reaching Isengard. The conspiracy of spiders, wicked men and orcs continues to thicken as our heroes knock upon the doors to Orthanc and must explain their actions to none other than Gandalf the Grey.
Plus, a discussion of running campaigns set in canon settings.
Watch the vidcast here.
The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear Campaign is made possible by generous contributions to the Threats From Gallifrey Patreon here .
Read about the adventures from the group’s journals and songbooks here 

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